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Symposium on Applied Spectroscopy and Photonics
Symposium on Applied Spectroscopy and Photonics


The Symposium on Applied Spectroscopy and Photonics 2017 at Purdue University is 1st annual symposium organized by Purdue University Chapter of Society for Applied Spectroscopy (PUCSAS). This annual one-day symposium on advanced fundamental and applied Spectroscopy and Photonics addresses cutting edge Photonics and Spectroscopy techniques including Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Raman Spectroscopy, Single Photon Spectroscopy, BioPhotonics, Fluoroscence, Laser Spectroscopy, Astronomy, Laser Machining to name a few. The symposium will be organized on Sep 16th, 2017 at Wilmeth Active Learning Center, Purdue University from 11 AM-5 PM.

Our key note lectures from internationally renowned scientists, and accompanying poster sessions encourage discussion on the latest research in the field of Photonics and Spectroscopy. (Final Program to be updated soon)

Dr. Roger Wiens, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Exploring Mars with Curiosity and Laser Spectroscopy
Dr. Suvrath Mahadevan, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Penn State, Next-Gen Planet Hunter
Dr. Ji-Xin Cheng, ECE, BME, Boston University, Revisiting the “little animals” under a chemical microscope
Dr. Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, Department of Bioengineering, McGill University,
Dr. Gabriel Popsecu, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Bioengineering, UIUC
Dr. Christopher Goldenstein, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
Dr. Yung C Shin, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
Dr. Masanobu Yamamoto, Basic Medical Sciences, Purdue University and Miftek Corp, Laser Induced Photon Spectroscopy (LIPS)  by differential Geiger-mode silicon photomultiplier

Register today. Space is limited! RSVP us by Sep 9th to receive free Lunch! registration is free!
Please Submit  abstract if you wish to present a poster. Three best poster prizes will be awarded at the end of the symposium. Submission link: https://pucsas2017.wixsite.com/symposium2017/submit
Organizing Team:
Dr Prasoon Diwakar, Ahmed Elsied, John Oliver, Weirong Yuan, Liesl Krause, Nicole Vike.
The symposium is supported by SOGA Purdue University, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University and Society for Applied Spectroscopy. Corporate support is provided by Opotek Inc, Applied Spectra, Continuum and Amplitude Technologies.

For more information about the symposium, please contact us at pucsas@purdue.edu or 352-870-3473
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