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EHV-1 Myeloencephalopathy New Insights Recent Out.

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EHV-1 Myeloencephalopathy – New Insights from Recent Outbreaks

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Course ImageCourse Description: Equine herpesvirus-1 Myeloencephalopathy is sporadic but is a potentially devastating manifestation of EHV-1 infection. Anecdotal field evidence suggests that EHM is becoming increasingly common, leading to speculation that viruses with increased neurovirulence are circulation. This lecture will focus on the review of EHM and highlight new developments in the epidemiological, diagnostic and therapeutic field.

Continuing Education (CE) credit available:1 CE credit for DVMs and Veterinary Technicians

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02 - EHV-1 Myeloencephalopathy New Insights from Recent Outbreaks$40.00