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Agronomy Essentials
June 13 - September 5, 2018


Agronomy Essentials is a fully online 12-week comprehensive online crops and soils course designed to build an individual’s knowledge of basic agronomy principles and application. Upon completion, the learner should have a fundamental knowledge of soil physical and biological characteristics, resource conservation, irrigation, drainage, water quality, soil and tissue analysis and interpretation, fertilizers and other nutrient sources, soil pH and liming, pest identification/sampling, pest management, cropping systems, planting practices, crop growth and development, harvest, storage, and managing production risk, among many others.

Whether you are personally involved in production agriculture, advising farmers as an agricultural retailer or consultant, a representative for an agricultural business or government agency, or just looking to build your expertise, this course will cover topics that should be of direct interest to you.

The foundation of the course is 100 high-definition video lessons, along with supplemental reading, graphics, glossaries, and tests. Participants will want to plan on one to two hours of study each week. Through the combination of teaching techniques, this course connects with all learning styles and was specifically designed to meet the needs of off-campus learners.

Those who successfully complete Agronomy Essentials will receive a Certificate of Completion and 25 continuing education units for those with a Certified Crop Adviser designation. The course also provides an excellent foundation of knowledge for individuals who are preparing to take the Certified Crop Adviser exams. For questions on program content visit http://tinyurl.com/purdueagry  or email Dr. Bruce Erickson

Full Tuition: $2000

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If you work for an agricultural business, check with Janblack@purdue.edu about possible company discounts. we offer for company funded tuition from participating companies For individuals who are self-funding their tuition, contact janblack@purdue.edu about possible discount information.

A series of emails will be sent as you complete the registration process. An email from confirm@purdue.edu will serve as your receipt for payment. The next email from certificateprograms@purdue.edu will be sent with the link to the course materials. If you do not receive both of these emails within 10 minutes of payment, please check your junk email to see if your spam filters have stopped our system generated emails from getting into your Inbox.

If you have any problems with registration, please contact Digital Education at 765-494-8619. You will receive information about the course and your participation prior to the beginning of the course.

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