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Hookworms, Threadworms, Whipworms & Capillarids

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Hookworms, Threadworms, Whipworms, and Capillarids of Dogs and Cats

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Course ImageCourse Description: This presentation includes several different groups of nematodes that are not closely related from a taxonomic standpoint. Hence, the presentation is more of a matter of convenient grouping of worms that reside in the intestines as adults. Capillarid worms can be found in several organ systems in dogs and cats. Hence, there is more variety of location of the adult worms than is see for adult ascarids in dogs and cats. The capillarids do share common features of the eggs that they have bipolar plugs that are off-center. The eggs often have netted, pitted or rough outer shells. This presentation presents basic life cycle information as well as clinical aspects of infection, diagnosis, treatment and control and any potential human public health concerns for the common hookworms, threadworms, whipworms, and caillarids of canids and felids.

Continuing Education (CE) credit available: 1 CE credit for DVMs and Veterinary Technicians

Length of Program: 55 minutes

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02 - Elanco: Hookworms, Threadworms, Whipworms & Capillarids of Dogs & Cats$40.00