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Nutrient Management
January 10 - April 4, 2018


Managing crop nutrients is one of the most important factors in producing a successful crop. Fertilizers and other nutrient sources are major production expenses, and their mismanagement can lead to serious environmental consequences for both air and water quality. Nutrient management is also one of the more complicated aspects of producing crops, as considerations vary by nutrient source, their methods of measurement and assessment, placement, timing, rate of application, and are dramatically affected by soils and the weather. Knowledge in nutrient management and better decision-making can help crops professionals to grow or advise how to grow better crops, reduce production expenses, and reduce the environmental impact from farming activities.

Nutrient management is a fully online 12-week course that provides knowledge from which those working in agriculture can better understand the intricacies of nutrient management to help their customers and in turn, benefit their companies. This course is designed for working professionals who must mix continuing education with other responsibilities. Learners will be able to access the content 24/7 on their computer, tablet or mobile device by Internet. There will be one module for each week of the course. During the first offering of Nutrient Management, learners may not work ahead.

The foundation of the course twelve weekly modules is are dozens of high-definition video lessons featuring experts in nutrient management, along with supplemental reading, graphics, glossaries, and tests. Participants will want to plan on approximately two hours of study each week. Through the combination of teaching techniques, this course connects with all learning styles and was specifically designed to meet the needs of off-campus learners. Course graduates receive certificates of completion as well as continuing education units for Certified Crop Advisers.

Early registration may mean discounted tuition. To learn more, contact janblack@purdue.edu.

For questions on program content, email Dr. Bruce Erickson

Full Tuition: $2000

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If you work for an agricultural business, check with us or with your company for discounts we offer for company funded tuition from participating companies. For individuals who are self-funding their tuition, contact our project manager for possible discount information: janblack@purdue.edu

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If you have any registration questions or cannot access the course, please email digitaleducation@purdue.edu or call 765-494-8619.You will receive information about the course and your participation prior to the beginning of the course.

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