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Agronomy e-Learning Academy Courses

The business of growing crops has become increasingly complicated in recent years. There is a growing demand for agriculture to increase production while minimizing environmental impact. New technologies and a knowledge-based future will demand a more thorough understanding of the entire crop production system.

Purdue University offers 100% online courses through Purdue’s Agronomy e-Learning Academy. The courses are designed to meet the educational needs of professionals in all areas of agriculture. Courses contain pre-recorded content and are accessible 24/7, allowing busy professionals to plan their study time according to their schedules.


Agronomy Essentials meets the needs of professionals in all areas of agriculture. The course provides a comprehensive baseline understanding of agronomy for growers and employees of agricultural service and supply companies. Agronomy Essentials promotes important knowledge that will expand the learner’s understanding and communication skills.

Agronomy Essentials is designed for learners to complete one unit every two weeks, but they can work ahead if they choose. Each unit requires approximately four to five hours of study. Once a learner completes a module and its test, the next module opens. The course contains over 100 HD video lessons along with supplemental reading, graphics, glossaries, links to additional information, downloadable slides, and tests after each module.

The course is offered for students in the United States and Europe. The Agronomy Essentials - Europe course details European agronomic practices and crops and is beneficial to those who live and work in Europe, as well as agricultural professionals who interact with European counterparts.

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Agricultural nutrient applications are associated with some of today's most concerning environmental issues, including impacts on water quality and contributions to greenhouse gases. In addition, crop nutrient expenses are second only to land costs as an overall expense for farmers. Managing nutrients is one of the more complicated aspects of producing crops, as considerations vary by nutrient source, placement, timing, and the rate of application. Nutrients are also dramatically affected by the weather. Professionals in many areas of agriculture need to understand soil chemistry and how nutrient management can increase the health and bounty of crop production. Knowledge of nutrients and their management can enable agricultural professionals to better set strategies and improve recommendations.

Whether you are involved in production agriculture, advising farmers as an agricultural retailer or consultant, a representative or applicator for an agricultural business or government agency, or just looking to build your expertise, this course will cover topics of interest to you.

Learners follow a one module per week schedule and can access the course content according to their schedules 24/7 on their computer, tablet or mobile device. The lesson modules include dozens of HD video lessons featuring experts in nutrient management. These are supplemented with reading, graphics, glossaries, downloadable slides, links to additional information, and tests after each module.

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​​​Applying technology to crop production through mechanization, fertilizers, crop protection ​chemistry, genetics, and other innovations have resulted in significant gains in productivity and efficiency. The application of information technology to crop production, known as precision agriculture, has already transformed many aspects of crop production and will continue to do so in the future.

The Precision Agriculture course enables professionals to better understand the science of site- specific farming so they can help themselves, their customers, and their companies. Designed for professionals who are pursuing an education while continuing to balance work, family, and other responsibilities, this course includes 24/7 access so that learners can review content at their convenience on their computer, tablet or mobile device.

The twelve weekly modules include over 90 HD video lessons featuring leaders in precision agriculture, along with supplemental reading, graphics, glossaries, links to additional information, downloadable slides, and tests. Learners will want to plan on one to two hours of study each week, but they can work ahead if they want.. Through a combination of teaching techniques, this course connects with a variety of learning styles.

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High Marks From Our Students

Recommend/highly recommend the course
Agreed/strongly agreed that they improv​ed their understanding of the subject
Agreed/strongly agreed that the course content Was appropriate to the aims and objectives

*669 respondents to anonymous end-of-course survey covering all of the courses.

Crop Professional Certificate

Course graduates receive a personalized certificate. Those who complete all three courses will receive a framed Crop Professional Certificate in addition to individual course certificates.

Course graduates who are Certified Crop Advisers (CCA) through the American Society of Agronomy will receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon course completion.

“Thanks for the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the decisions required and the science behind them for agriculture today."
- Agronomy e-Learning Academy Graduate

Course At A Glance

Duration: 12 weeks
Modality: Self-paced
Courses Available:
   • Agronomy Essentials
   • Precision Agriculture
   • Nutrient Management
Course Fee: $2,000
Upcoming Start Date:
   • June 7, 2023
   • September 13, 2023
   • January 10, 2024
   • June 5, 2024
   • September 11, 2024

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