Purdue University

STU 101 - Student Data for Cognos New Consumers


Introduction to working with student data and standard content reports available through the Cognos Analytics Portal for any licensed and authorized user.

Why Cognos? If you want to create lists of students, explore summary-level information, or look back at historical snapshots and trends, you can run a standard content Cognos report. These reports have been written and approved by key offices on campus, so you know that you’re getting the official numbers. Available on-demand through your own web browser, Cognos helps you dig deeper into the student data that you need, when you need it.

This introductory class requires basic familiarity with the Cognos Analytics Portal and will not address using the software itself. Please register for COG 101 – Cognos Analytics Navigation to obtain tool training. You must have a Cognos Consumer or Authoring license to participate in either class.

This class is hands-on and offered in a computer lab. You’ll learn to run standard content reports to answer student data questions.
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Dates: Apr. 24, 2018 (Tue., 10 - 11 a.m.)
Course: BICC 106-ILT
Term: 18FY
Section Number: 2
Schedule Number: 21854
Instructor(s): Diana Dahl
Location: West Lafayette Campus, SC 246
Seats Remaining: 29
Units: Non-Credit