Purdue Student Pugwash Midwest Regional Conference
March 30-31, 2012

Purdue Student Pugwash is proud to host it’s seventh annual Midwest Regional Conference. It has hosted a conference every year since 2006, including "Integrity in Science," "Space and Society," "Energy and the Environment," “Healthcare and Humanity,” “Our Technological Future,” and “Access: Resources, Information, and Technology for the World.” These conferences are held at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Each of our conferences is entirely developed and administrated by students involved in Purdue Student Pugwash.

This year’s conference is titled “Biotechnology: The Risks and Rewards of Rewriting Life,” and will examine the many complex social, ethical, and technological issues in the emerging field of biotechnology. In general, Pugwash conferences follow the same philosophy as the Student Pugwash organization; they are developed to thoroughly and objectively educate the public on issues that our vital to our future, but also clouded by prejudice or misconception. The conference itself is not especially technical, and we communicate with our speakers to ensure that each presentation given during the event is understandable to a “layman” audience. We also have workshops that allow participants to actively discuss the different topics presented in the conference.

Everyone with an open mind is welcome to attend Purdue Student Pugwash conferences. Information about them is posted on our Web site as it becomes available, along with instructions for conference registration and directions to events.

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