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Pest management is a business of technology. Thus, the purpose of the Truman’s Scientific Guide to Pest Management Operations (7th edition) is the same as that of previous editions: to provide a sound basis for studying the technical aspects of pest control. The emphasis in this book is on urban and industrial pest problems; frequently, this area is referred to as structural pest control. It is the business of managing insects, other arthropods and vertebrate pests in homes, business establishments, hospitals, industrial plants and municipal buildings, as well as in outdoor areas frequented by people. This book is designed to serve three purposes. First, it is written as a series of lessons for those enrolled in Purdue's Introduction to Urban and Industrial IPM correspondence or online courses. Second, it may be used as a ready reference for people actively employed in urban and industrial pest management. Third, it provides a valuable source of information for persons seeking state certification under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or state programs for commercial pesticide applicators. Such objectives have necessitated that the book be a combination of basic scientific information and guidelines for practical solutions to pest management problems.

The brand new Bugs Be Gone: Pest Control In Homes and Other Buildings is a guide to insect IPM designed for both consumers and pest management professionals (PMPs). It is a reasonably priced, well-illustrated paperback guide that can be given to potential customers to attract their business, or to existing customers whom you would like to retain as a partner in solving and preventing recurrence of pest problems. This practical guide is broken down by pest types (cockroaches) or by where they may be found (food pests) or by the harm they cause (stinging pests). Each chapter begins with a summary of the pests in that chapter, along with how-to-do-it information on how to get rid of pests in an environmentally friendly manner. By reading the summary, the customer is not only informed about pest problems, but can work hand-in-hand with the PMP in resolving and preventing pest problems. Following the summary that introduces each chapter is more detailed information on the pests and their management for those who want to research each pest and its control in greater depth. Bugs Be Gone is designed to help consumers partner with PMPs to eliminate insect pests in homes and other buildings and prevent their return.

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